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  • 1. Builders Blocks - "...helping you make better decisions"
    Featuring custom builders, remodelers, and their trusted subcontractors in video format showing their work and letting people get to know them and their business available 24/7 on Comcast Video on Demand (channel 888) as well as the Internet...
  • 2. D. L. Brown Fine Homes
    A quality custom home builder here in Spokane with 30 years experience and building beautiful homes...
  • 3. Georgen Homes
    A quality Energy Star and Green Build custom builder with over 350 homes in the Greater Spokane area.
  • 4. Johnson Brothers Construction
    One of the finest builders in Spokane. Solid reputation for quality construction, on time completion and professionalism on the job. Highly recommended for years as a quality builder.
  • 5. Millennium Woodwork and Design
    Quality woodwork including beautiful trim packages to ornate railing to ships ceilings and wainscoating...
  • 6. Ramey Homes and Ramey Construction
    Serving Eastern Washington as the premiere builder of high end custom homes and commercial buildings since 1983...
  • 7. The Best of the Spokane Builders
    These quality Spokane builders have on average 25 years experience and hundreds of satisfied homeowners building beautiful and elegant homes here in the Pacific Northwest.
  • 8. Welcome to Murphy Construction LLC
    By far one of the better Spokane custom home builders. Building quality custom homes and custom remodels in Spokane for over 24 years with hundreds of very satisfied homeowners.

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